Goodbye Puerto Escondido

I will be leaving Puerto Escondido this coming Friday July 31, 2015 and heading to Merida in the Yucatan.  These past 6 weeks have been a  wonderful experience, I can’t imagine a better place to “get back to basics” and just “be”.  I have been reading daily since I’ve been here a book called  “Why is the Buddha Smiling” by Mark Magill, this book helped me immensely in living in the  “here and now”   I certainly recommend this to anyone looking for a book on “mindfulness”.

yucatan mapFeeling recharged  I am ready to explore the Yucatan and the City of Merida.  I have rented a one bedroom apartment, site unseen (just photos), in the Santiago area of Merida, which is near the city center.  The rent is $450 per month, however there is A/C in the bedroom and hot water, woo-hoo!   I will however have to pay for the electricity.

I’m going to miss the beautiful beaches as well as the amazing people here, both locals and fellow travelers, all have been so friendly and kind.

An additional page will be added to my blog shortly of some recipes I concocted from the local fresh produce of this area.

Below are a few photos of the beautiful coastline and beaches taken during my stay in the Puerto Escondido area:

From Zacatala Beach looking South
From Zacatala Beach looking South
Puerto Angelito taken on our way out
Puerto Angelito taken on an early morning dolphin and turtle watching trip
Fishermen at Playa Principal
Coastline taken while on boat trip
La Punta
La Punta surfers
Rugged coastline taken while on boat trip

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Puerto Escondido

  1. Sandra, I Wish You all the Best. Please know We MISS YOU here in Houma and I Pray you have a Safe and Wonderful Trip to Merida. GOOD LUCK BE SAFE AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU


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