My Apartment La Punta, Puerto Escondido

My one bedroom apartment is in La Punta and costs $350 USD per month which included electricity, water and wi-fi.     The apartment is located about 5 minutes from the beach down a hill.  (see photo)

Road to beach from my apartment, Puerto Escondido
Road to beach from my apartment, Puerto Escondido

I live downstairs and the owners live upstairs, they are a lovely couple  who picked me up at the airport upon arrival and gave me a tour of the area.  The apartment has no A/C,  which was a bit tough at first, however fans and open windows help. I’ve included a photo of the patio where I found Sticky (read more), and the kitchen, which has everything I need.   There is also a bedroom with shelves and rails to put clothes.  A living area with a table with two stools and a seating area as well as a bathroom with a shower.  There is no hot water, the cold showers are refreshing, however I still gasp first thing in the morning when I take one.  This apartment is located near taxis, bus service, beach, small stores, restaurants and is safe during the day.

My apartment however has a number of uninvited guests so I use an organic bug repellent at all times on myself.  The uninvited guests are spiders, lizards and insects I’ve never seen before,  This is the tropics so is normal and is expected; it’s amazing what you can get used to if necessary and I am dealing with them with as few deaths as possible. The owner warned me about scorpions as he has been bitten numerous times, I’ve not seen any as yet, apparently their bites are very painful. The lizards are cute little geckos and make an interesting chirping noise at night and like to hangout in my bedroom.

Kitchen with everything I need

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